Privacy Policy

The privacy policy on our website governs our process of data collection, and general usage practices.

Macrocosm for business purposes, needs to gather personal information of individuals and its affiliates to protect customer privacy. The privacy policy on our website governs our process of data collection, and general usage practices. If you do not agree to our privacy policy terms you are not entitled to seek our service offerings. We encourage you to keep reviewing this policy at certain periods of time as we may update our policy with regards to certain areas.

If you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy or handling of information, we request you to reach out at or +91 7447 667766

Personal information

This refers to the fact that any information which comes from customers, business contacts, employees, suppliers or other people associated with the company. The personal information can include any information such as direct or indirect information, names of individuals, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and business type. We believe in protecting personal information with lawfulness, transparency, purpose intimation, data minimization, accuracy, confidentiality and integrity. Personal information can also include nativagational information including the IP addresses, type of browser, geographical location, which are based on the website visits. Overall, this information refers to the personal information, which you voluntarily submit to our brand. It includes, any information about your business, forms of transactions, website information, social media information or other information which we acquire from the service providers. However, we do not collect any sensitive data from your source.

Personal information from third-parties

We may receive your personal information from third party sources such as social media handles, websites or affiliated partners. This information is received only because of the engaged marketing activities we are indulged into and does not mean to cross personal boundaries by any illegal means.

Personal information from third-parties

We may receive your personal information from third party sources such as social media handles, websites or affiliated partners. This information is received only because of the engaged marketing activities we are indulged into and does not mean to cross personal boundaries by any illegal means.

General Implementation guidelines

Macrocosm impletmental integral measures which are designed specifically to address the needs of data-protection and introduce necessary measures to safeguard the right of data subjects as per the national and local law.

Lawful basis for processing data

Macrocosm identifies a foundation for the processing of personal data and considers the following options for legal basis:

Consent- Macrocosm vouches to obtain consent from the concerned data subject to store and process the data which is free of cost, timely specific, informed and truly unambiguous. While seeking consent from the data subject, transparent information is notified with regards to use of information. If the data subject feels unsafe to give certain information, they are free to withdraw the request and reach out to us on or +91 7447 667766

Data Subject rights

Macrocosm by the means of law informs the data subject regarding the raised rights and information on how to exercise them by the provision of the privacy policy.

Right to be informed

Our team at Macrocosm is committed to deliver transparency in every step and thus, the privacy policy is displayed on the website. In case of any revisions, the data subject will be informed. Nevertheless, it is advised for them to keep a check on the same periodically under the law of right to be informed.

Right to Access

Macrocosm ensures that the data subject has the right of receiving confirmation with regards to the fact that their data is being processed or is being copied or has certain access to.

Right to Rectification

Macrocosm allows the data subject to access their data and rectify the same in case of any technical glitch or typo. Requests for rectification can be submitted to the back desk via email or phone call.

Right to Restrict Processing

The processing of personal data is limited. Macrocosm ensures that the personal information of the data subject is merely stored and not further processed. The restriction of processing is applied in the following situations:

  • When data subject complains about the accuracy of the collection of submitted data
  • When the data subject has an objection regarding the situation of processing of information
  • When the data subject points out that processing is unlawful
  • When the data subject opposes erasure or requests certain restriction on the processing of the information

Log Files

When a data subject views content on our website, we collect information about one’s computer hardware and software. The information collected may include, IP addresses, domain names, internet service providers, operating systems, files viewed on websites, email address, postal address, phone number, browser type and referring website addresses. This information specifically falls under the log files.

How do we use information we collect?

Compliance with our privacy policy

In compliance with our privacy policy, we use the information collected through our potential leads and clients. However, we never sell the tracked personal information to any third party or disclose it unless it is processed under law.

Client testimonials and comments

When we post client testimonials and comments on our website, it may contain personal information such as full name, job profile and brand name. We ensure that every testimonial or comment, which is uploaded has full consent of the client.

Social Media Features

Our website has social media widget features meaning if you click on the action buttons, our team will have access to information such as IP address, and page visiting details.

Use of navigational information

We use navigational information to ensure that our website can be enhanced. This information can be used alone or can be combined with personal information.

Why do we process your personal data?

Retention of personal information

After a certain time frame we either save your information and isolate it or anonymize the information in our database. At your request, we can delete your information. However, in case we retain your personal information, we use it for our market preferences. The information we retrieve are derived from the cookies and other tracking tools.

Compelled Disclosure

We have the right to disclose your personal information under legal laws. This means that under protection of rights and protection of safety, investigating fraud or legal processes, Macrocosm will be completed to disclose your personal information.

International Transfer of information

International transfer with Macrocosm’s technical entities

We ensure that personal information from international entities are protected under clauses. However, in order to support our operations at international lands, we transfer information to have access to information with respect to demographics and website tracking.

Cookies and Similar technologies


Macrocosm and the repeated partners use cookies in order to track its users movements on the website, administer the data on the website, analyze the trends and collect demographic information. To manage your cookie preferences, please reach out to us on or +91 7447 667766


In house team at Macrocosm is responsible for advertising the website or certain external websites. We use the same cookies or similar technologies to collect information on the pertinent use of our website and our targeted information is based on the same collected information. If it goes against your personal choice to disclose your information, you can reach out to us on

How to access and control your personal data
  • You can reach out to the Macrocosm team to request access or restrict the use of your personal information
  • We always collect personal information with your consent however if you feel it is going against your choice you can object the use of personal information, by withdrawing your personal information
  • To exercise any of these rights, you can get in touch with our team and we will respond to your request at the earliest within a reasonable timeframe. You will be notified with the course of action you take.
To unsubscribe from our communications

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